Midi Loop Station


Perform loops live.

The Midi Loop Station is an app for the performing musician. Easily specify loop boundaries in a midi file and supplement each loop with 16 tracks of your own. All of which can be remote controlled by a midi controller via coremidi. Starting from scratch, gradually build up the sound by playing and adding instruments to amaze your audience. View the User Manual.

VIDEO DEMO of Midi Keyboard
VIDEO DEMO of Looping Vocals

Features Include:
  • Up to 10 loops per midi file
  • 16 Audio Tracks per loop (44.1K wav)
  • Change tempo, key, mix
  • All changes are saved
  • Dynamic control of tracks
  • Access to 100's of midi files
  • Universal App (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)
  • Playlist support
Contact: info@midiloopstation.com

Create Loops, configure the tracks, Perform while layering your instrument/voice.

Locate Midi Files using the built-in Locator Service

Set Loop Parameters: Removing tracks you dont need, adjust mix and order.

Configure Midi Gear: Specify outgoing program changes, Incoming Controller CC's.